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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ann Romney stars in "Stop, Stop, Stoppity-Stop" whine-fest

(A parody is worth a thousand words; I refuse to
put atrocious Ann's sour puss up here and scare off readers!)

No...YOU stop it, you squirrelly scrunt.

If this is how you respond to criticism now, it's no doubt you and
your partner-in-crime are NOT ready to be elected for high public

You won't even answer direct questions, you won't discuss issues,
you have no specific plans, you don't actually want the job of First
Lady, and you don't know if your husband can emotionally or
mentally handle the job of leading the nation!??! What the fuck!!!!

Yeah, once more--YOU STOP IT! It is hard, and you aren't
ready for this jelly.


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