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Monday, October 22, 2012

A New America?

Driving to work last Wednesday morning, the
day after the second Presidential debate, I made
myself listen to the ridiculously out-of-touch pandering
of the red neck hosts on local country radio station.

In an unprecedented act of brutal torture, I listened to
a second country station, and, for good measure, a
religious station. (I like to keep abreast of what The Enemy
is thinking and saying at all times.)

Post-debate rhetorical insanity was fever-pitch,
with calls for prayer and fasting, demands for a
"Come to Jesus" meeting for the nation, angry
rebuking for the President to stop lying (say Wha!?!?)
and for the wronged Mr. Romney to 'justifiably' grab
up the President by the lapels and teach him a lesson.

Threatening/boasting/peacocking that "once you
toss someone around the room and shove a microphone down
their throat, they'll be less likely to talk smack about you again."

Isn't it interesting how deceitful the supporters of a deceitful man are?

Joe Biden was insulted for his pro-choice stance;
"So basically he believes it's murder (Catholic views) but he's
willing to let people do it." and on and on.
(Actually, he has conviction, but is smart enough to know
that his beliefs will not apply to every other person in
the country--a concept lost of fanatical conservatives.)

So is all this an unveiling of a new America developing,
or simply a reveal of what's been with us all along--
well-concealed and covert?

The violent-minded threats against the President
(from everyone from commentators to radio hosts to Tag Romney)
are obvious for their true nature. No, no white President would
have threats of physical violence made against him over the
airwaves without consequence...believe that.

There is no more 'respectfully disagree,' but rather
an automatic jump to a thuggish threat?
Doesn't matter that the President's statement was
true, and that Romney is untruthful (a fact his
followers are either ignorant to or unconcerned with,)
but the message here is clear; any excuse to lose civility
is embraced.

These folks are looking for an excuse to have a
violent uprising...and if it doesn't occur naturally,
they're going to invent one.


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