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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Republican Voter Fraud Exposed: Steal Back the Vote

This is a really spectacular abuse of the voting right and process  that has not
been covered nearly as diligently or with as much outrage as is its due.

I think I'll let Sarah oh-so-eloquently express my feelings on the matter, and
give the blow-by-blow on retaliating.

Please make sure you show this or tell this to everyone you know!

Quick recap:
NO photo i.d. on election day--NO Right to Vote in 12 States!
 * Out of state driver's license not valid.
 * Some student i.d.s not valid.
 * Social Security cards not valid.

 * Firearm License valid
 * Current, in-state driver license valid
 * State-issued picture i.d. valid (so go down and get one TODAY, and
     don't let these oppressive ass wipes get away with this horseshit!)

And if you don't know whether you can get to the polls on election day,
get an absentee ballot TODAY!

Because there's absolutely NO correlation between the states that
passed these new fascist laws, the people they've targeted to disallow
to vote, and the people they've given extra options to vote! Nawwww!


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