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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Noose Weak: All the B.S. that's Shit to Print

The Weak in Review!
What better way to celebrate the last week in Schlep-tember
than rewinding with a bevvy of schleps!

Ryan booed by AARP attendees!
Who says old people don't have full use
of reason and faculties!?

Mitt Romney ad appeals to 'patriots' and 'those who
oppose Obama' along with scare tactics and
appeals for urgency. Meanwhile, still no word on what
magic wand Romney's campaign intends to use to make all
of his Promises of Perfection come true.
No platform. No plan. Only Pretense and Promises.
So, business as usual.
Romney releases some tax returns, proving he has nothing
in common with most of country, then a secret tape of him
gets released (Full Tape Here) wherein
he disses half the country. 'Reporters' and apologists
spend rest of the week asking why his 'private thoughts'
are such a big deal to everyone. (Yes, really!)
Sad, delusional, tortured, and just plain bizarre
Rupert Everett lashes out at his fellow gays
by blasting gay dads.
Oh, Rupert, you old hustler...that's so
"Boys in the Band" of you.
(Speaking of, I think that's around the last time I heard
of you being in a movie.)

Poor Whites' life expectancy lessened, again.
Sure, let's elect a guy who'll cut Medicaid, cut Social Security,
give breaks to millionaires, doesn't know--or care--about
the struggle of the lower income people, wants to eliminate
affordable health care, and won nearly 'Last Place' for
job creation during his time as governor.
(Or, better yet, don't vote at all.)

Outrage over Voter I.D. law changes heats up; 
Most reasonable people are able to comprehend how
the laws violate civil rights and are imbalanced
in favor of Republicans.
 Iranian President Ahmadinejad proves he's
a nutter stuck in the dark ages....
..yet, surprisingly, even with similar views
to Romney, he's still more popular than the
Republican nominee!

(By the by; mentally-incapacitated Ahmadinejad
promotes that homosexuality is 'ruining the world'
by ceasing procreation. Um, quick reality check--
gays and lesbians are more prominent than ever,
and yet the world population surpassed 7 Billion last year
(and continues to grow unchecked.)
We can't handle what we have now, dunce.
But keep talking that baseless smack, dumbass.
Iran is certainly a shining star in the advancement
of civilization!)

And, just for shits and giggles, some good news:

Glee is back, and not a moment too soon!
I needed some singing, dancing, gratuitous beefcake,
and lost-souls-to relate-to instead of the usual
squawk box cacophony!


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