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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lumbering Along A Dying Route

I'm not exactly sure how long you can milk a 'story' about trees

getting planted, but I guess the local glad-rag is set to find out.

(And unnecessarily killing a lot more trees in the process of

discovering their miniscule reading public's threshold for interest,

I might add!)

Personally, I haven't met anyone who gives a shit, nor expects it

to be the salvation of Dvilles's extinct downtown district.

Probably helps that the owner of the paper is owner of most of

the downtown area, so he has a vested interest in it looking good...

but still...Damn!

(Maybe we could get some talking trees; that'd be worth the hype.)

I guess our fish wrapper is more of a "No Actual News is Good News"

sort of source. Pity.


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