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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unicorns, Jabberwockies, and Southern Hospitality...Oh My!

(Carol Burnett as 'Eunice')
When did being Southern become
(erroneously) synonymous with sweetness, kindness,
and a hospitable nature?

("G.C.B." gets it right!)

People from all over clamor for the lovely nature
of 'those wunnerful Southerners...o filled with hospitality.'

Well, we're filled with something all right....
more akin to beans and hot air!

(The caricature in action.)

It's a B.S. Fest down here; a sub-nation of
shuckers and jivers and con-artists and frauds
and errant little boys and ne'er-do-wells.

But as long as we're smiling and slapping
folks on the back, it's all good, I guess!
(The reality laid bare.)

Yup, Jethro's pressing the flesh and story-telling
with a lost Yankee, chatting it up while the meth
lab is running, the stolen copper is stored in the back yard,
the moonshine is hidden away, the abused kids are
in the house, and the dog on a 1-foot-long chain is

 So, either the South has the best PR team (and source of
con men and charmers) the world has ever seen-- in which
case, can't we at least have something to show for it? That 'rise
again' nonsense has been a long time coming!--or the
world is full of a bunch of naive/stupid people who are
itching to be made fools of.
(Or maybe a little of both?)

As an insider, take it from me--all that 'impressive'
sugary magnolia honey-pie saccharine bullshit is
less than skin-deep. If superficiality were a
nickel, we'd all be millionaires.


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