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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Shits Just Keep on Coming

Maybe you've heard about the raging debate
regarding the anti-Obama commentary/ad,
"2016: Obama's America."

If not, here are the low lights; a
conservative, right-wing, propagandist
experiment in scare tactics and mudraking....
a nightmarish speculative designed to feul
anxiety and fear.

Picture that Goebbels were alive and well,
doing PR for the Republicans. Add to that
a slasher film, internet trolls,
conspiracy theorists, Christian zealots doing another
end-of-the-world fiction flick for the already-brainwashed
(spearheaded by that simpering Dolt, Kirk Cameron,
of course. Yes, it's that level of stupid and predictable.)

Picture Rush Limbaugh's keen world view made
flesh. Add some race war promotion, some birther
 insanity, some baseless conjecture and
one-sided predictable bashing.

Dinesh D'Souza, the 'brains' behind this ordeal,
is a conservative evangelical Christian, with a skewed
view and a history of trying to undermine the President.

It is not a documentary; it is a speculative, masturbatory,
deranged piece of propaganda, one part of the smear campaign,
from all the usual players (or, more accurately,
usual suspects.)

One of the chief accusations is that Obama's father and his
radical nature live on in Barack and are leading to the
deconstruction/destruction of America from within.
Ironically, the Republican 's actual agenda for
manifesting such a coup is never mentioned.

The highly charged hyperbole and conjecture
is the same as it has been for the last 4 years;
"The world is ending! The sky is falling."

The conspiracy theories spouted here
are of an old and frightening tone; promoting that
Obama was reared and influenced by
terrorists and Communists and all manner of
spooky, unsavory, anti-American bogeymen
who influenced his every move and motive.

(You can almost hear the Amos and Andy-style
commentary whispering in your ear, "Whoo-Lordy...
We's told you to be carefuls with them Nigras!")

I would very much like to see the list for who
bankrolled this production. It's got all the
over-the-top venom and outlandishness of
Trump, Limbaugh, and Robertson at their absolute
worst. Not that those guys are hard to come
by these days.

This dredge is all about one thing; attempting to
(once more) establish President Barack Obama as The
Corrupter, the biblically-forewarned devourer of
this 'great nation;' the anti-Christ.

It is disgusting and puerile, even treasonous.
Pathetic and heavy-handed, shockingly out of touch
and craven. A dirty tactic, even for those immersed in
dirty tactics. Lies told often enough are still lies.

Obama haters are always accusing the President of
'bashing' his opponents because his record on policy
can't stand. Seems that's actually their favorite tactic.

Go see this conspiracy flick if
you're in the mood for a 'legitimate rape.'


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