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Friday, August 17, 2012

Tampons, Get Ready For A Blood Bath!

A big empathetic shout-out to all my old Tampa buddies;
my beloved hometown is preparing for an unnatural disaster
worse than any hurricane.

The Republican National Convention is preparing to ascend
from the pits of Hell and take over the city.

Just imagine the likes of Nimrod nitwits like Pat Robertson,
Pat Buchanan, Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter, Bryan Fischer,
and Sarah Palin all in one place (though she's bowed out!)...
and thousands upon thousands of their jackbooted thugs in tow.

Florida has a pretty crazy political history anyway, what with
electing Numb Nuts like (Jeb) Bush, Crist, and that current
Shit-Fuck, Rick Scott! And let's not even get started on the
2000 Presidentials.

Hey, by the way...did you know that Mac Dill AFB in Tampa
is Central Command, meaning a hub of extreme importance?
It's a continuous target for air strikes and nuclear weapons
from any foreign terrorists.

Many will be concerned for personal security in the days to
come, figuring that this many high profile people in one place would
make for an especially delicious target for terrorist activity. But
I can guarantee no harm will come to anyone from outside interests.

Whereas the RNC might be a grand target for a Holocaust-level strike
to take place, it'll never happen.

Foreign terrorists want to destroy our country; allowing the
continued, exuberant, insidious presence and existence of the
Republicans does far more to destroy us from within. It would be
counter-productive to their goals for foreign terrorists to destroy
our home-grown terrorists.

I just hope ol' Tampa Bay can get rid of the stench when they're
gone. This'll make the power plant, the Bay, and the phosphate
mines seem like a rose garden.

So big Props to all; I know my brothers and sisters will have a
formidable presence on all social fronts in protesting the pigs and
the 1% in the week to come.

Be sure and take plenty of private video; the media blackout
will be in full effect. This will be like trying to get footage of
uprisings in Egypt--or the early days of the Occupy Movement--
onto the big news outlets. There's a shit storm of nonsense and
propaganda coming your way....be ready.
For more Real News Coverage, see WMNF


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