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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Size Queens

"What do you bring to the table?"
Here's the rule of thumb for everyday life;
You want your wing man or best bud to
have a smaller dick than you.

Because standing next to a smaller dick always
makes yours seem larger, merely by

It's all relative; even if the two of you possess the
two smallest dicks on the planet, it's a moot
point because when he's the only other guy
in the room, you have the 'biggest' dick.

(Plus it's great for an ego-boost.)

Tweedles Dee & Dumb
In politics, however, it goes the other way.

If you're already a Big Dick, then in order to
'win friends and influence people,' to come out smelling
a little sweeter, you want an even bigger dick standing
next to you.

And thus, a Veep is born.

All who figured that Romney would go with a sweetheart
in order to make his harsh, unlikeable, inhuman
qualities more palatable couldn't have been more wrong.

Anyone who presumed he'd do his best to sway
women, blacks, Latinos, gays, and other losing
or questionable segments by choosing a slightly more
tolerant and liberal candidate....you got pawned!

(And of course, they're counting on the 'Hunk Factor' to
sway the truly ignorant. Oy! You think me wrong? Show Ryan's
pic to an uneducated person and see if they say "Ech! Horrible
on social issues! No go!" or "Wow! He's cute; he gets my vote!")

The Republican Party got it wrong;
This is not what is meant by
"Whoever has the biggest Dick, wins!"


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