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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Read Between the Opposing Lines

What's interesting (yet not at all surprising) to me
about the Chick-FAIL-A support of homophobia
is the media response.

People asking why 'the gays' are so worked up,
trivializing the significance of the donations,
lampooning and deriding the boycott efforts, etc.

What's overlooked is the direct correlation between hate
speech (which is precisely what money spent at the
'restaurant' funds) and direct, violent action against
people who are LGBT.

Hate crimes, vandalism, slurs, work bias, school
bullying, ostracization in the church, etc.

There's also a direct link between hate speech
(which is always filled with lies, myths, and other
propaganda,) and the rise in self-harm incidents
amongst gays and lesbians and bisexuals...
particularly kids.

And try this on for size;
if a major business chain were giving
financial support to the KKK or a
neo-Nazi group that called for active
harassment and political leaning on the
lives and rights of black people or
Jewish people....well, obviously the tenor
of this conversation would be completely

Somehow, dismissing and making light of
gay, lesbian, bi, and queer/questioning folks
is still looked on pretty leniently in this country...
and that's a hell of a story, right there.


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