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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"O" Knocks It Outta The Park!

"I didn't set out to 'run Smitty into the ground,' but..
gosh darn it, he makes it so amazingly easy!"

PRESIDENT Obama knocked it out of the park with his
impromptu press conference yesterday.

He deftly laid
out how the Republican position on women's rights is
no more sane than Todd Akin's, even if not quite as
publicly decried.

He questioned, in response to unduly
severe criticism of his campaign ads, why
Mitt Romney has trouble releasing tax documents as
all other presidential candidates have done
(and then quoted Smitty's Daddy to drive the
point home.)

Whoopsie! Well, finally some truth in
advertising, anyway!

Here's the rub;
WHY is it such a big deal?

If you have nothing to hide, prove it by
being transparent!

Obviously Romney is scared of his complete

detachment from the average American being fully exposed.

This is the guy who wants to run the most influential country
in the world, and he refuses to play by the same rules
as everyone else? In order to cover up what one has
to assume at this point is wrong-doing and

And, by the by, where are all the rabid dogs like
Rush and Trumpy to demand and go ballistic
in the public eye, calling for truth in advertising,
never satisfied, never relenting?
Oh, right...that was only in regards to blocking

our current President over a birth certificate
red herring.

What are you hiding, Smitty?
And with all this money at your disposal,

should it really take this long to forge old tax documents
and pay off IRS agents to 'legitimize' them?



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