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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let the Sausage-Fest Begin!

Republicans are all right!
They only hate women, the poor,
blacks, Hispanics, gays, and
pretty much everyone else not white,
male, rich, and conservative
because they have some real
issues of their own!

(Not the least of which is a
shit-load of closeted,
self-loathing, denial-based queers
who will sell out all the rest of us
for their own power and placement.)

Mark Foley, Jim West, Tucker Carlson.
Marcus Bachmann, Ken Mehlman, Ed Schrock.
Charlie Crist, Philip Hinkle, Paul Babeu.
Larry Craig, Mark Kirk, Jeffrey Nielsen.
Roberto Arango, Chris Myers, Andy Gipson.
Ted Haggard, Bob Allen, Glenn Murphy.
Jim McGreevey, Greg Davis, Aaron Schock.

These are just a handful of the closeted homos
who maintained staunch Republicanism
on all things anti-gay in their positions as
senators, congressmen, governors, and so on.

(Yeah, a few were outed or came out,
which doesn't erase the abuses. It's so
pathetic and disgusting that it would be
darkly humorous...if not for all the bans and limits
on rights, the cutting of funds, the promotion
of hate and bias and myth, the questioning
of our humanity, and the delivering of contempt
and hostility.)

The sex industry (legal and otherwise) in Tampa
is getting a big boost this week, thanks to all
the extra dough that wealthy, closeted, sell-out
queers in the Republican party will be spending
locally while ostensibly down there for the RNC.

Yes, Isaac isn't the only thang blowing into town, hon.

Break our balls in the evening for the cameras,
get sucked off by young boys in the wee hours.
America; you gotta love it.

It's a sickness within the Republican party, this
duplicitous, dualistic, repression and phonyness.
And of course the straight boys in the GOP are
cool with 'it' as long as you keep completely mum and
successfully convince the public that your marriage
isn't a sham. And have enough money for pay-offs.

I wonder how much the RNC paid off TPD and the
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department to keep
the lid on all their Down-Low adventures this week?
How many favors will be owed to the City of Tampa to
sweep would-be arrests under the rug?
To keep the normally active undercover Tampa cops from
performing pick-ups or stings or entrapment?

Hell, this year's Republican rush for the nomination
seemed like a casting call for an all-gay movie;
Perry, Romney, Santorum?
Y'all definitely protest too much.
It definitely takes one to know one,
and no matter how much smoke and mirrors you use,
you all have the Mark of the Fag.

And Miss Ryan looks to be the biggest 'Mo of all.

I understand that self-hate is a powerful thing,
but if these tired queens would put the energy
and power that they put into finding and sucking cock,
into living their life well, it'd all be good.

(Cuz there's no secret to hide if you're only
thinking about doing something, right?! Mmm-hmnnn.)

Happy "Subversion of All Things Right and True"
at your little Hate-Fest and Masquerade Ball
this week. You're only fooling yourselves.

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