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Thursday, August 16, 2012

If You Can't Stand the Heat....You Still Gots to Pay the Piper!

For all the freaks of nature like Brian Brown
and Pat Robertson and Tony Perkins..
pay attention!

(Yes, Tony is the closeted gay man who starred
in "Psycho"...oh, wait, no this is the one who runs
the hate group, the Family Research Council...
well, I see how you could get them 'confused.'
He's all about the confusion.)

See, it isn't the fault of the Southern Poverty Law
Center that you're being hailed as a hate group--
it's the fact that it's true!
Your actions did this!
(Awww...I know...no responsibility and
no clue...that's you guys' motto!)

National Organization for Marriage: Feel the Love
By their stripes shall they be known,
and you insane, hateful, single-minded,
lying sacks of shit have been running
things unopposed for so long,
you just don't know what to do with all
the backlash of late.

Well, get the fuck over yourselves;
people are sick of your tired, crazy,
simple-minded, prejudiced bullshit.

Take your heads out of your asses,
shove that damned Bible up there instead,
and get a life. Quit worrying about
things which don't concern you.

See, I call a spade a spade.
And it's always the way that it's a bunch of
self-hating loony closet-cases who become
preoccupied with other people's
lives and genitals.

Bryan Fischer, American 'Family Association hate
monger, who is calling for 'Christians' to kidnap
children from gay parents (see link for article)

(That's okay, though: Stay in the closet...
we don't want you, either.)

They call you a hate group because hate is
what you produce Tony. You're an angry, spiteful,
misinformed, lying manipulator.
You have nothing to do with any teachings of
Jesus, you are a hate group, and you will be stopped.

A Note to the shooter:
Damn, girl!
Wait til they're having their meetings,
why don'tcha?!?
That security guard didn't hurt anybody!
Plan better next time.

Stick your hand in the fire, Tony,
you're bound to get burned.


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