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Monday, July 30, 2012

Not One More Cent

If you have yet to vote on
tomorrow's ballot, take notice of
one thing in particular.

The effort to raise a penny tax for
future road and bridge improvements
is a bad move.

While the work is definitely needed, there
are no oversights on these funds raised.
No intelligence in designing the projects
and budgeting funds.

Hell, Seminole County doesn't even boast a
single one of the proposed improvement

So....Not one more penny.

No Untraceable, ill-managed, misuse of my hard-earned money.

The top dogs line their pockets and the people have no say.

Kickbacks and broken promises are what you can depend on,
not quality road repairs for yet another tax hike.

Vote NO on July 31st!

(For More Info on TSPLOST, go to:)


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