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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fraternity: Cappa Litta Digga

Chris Brown's idiocy has plenty of
tour dates
Money-hungry and sensationalist no-good-nik Chris Brown,
the fetus with a mouth, is at it again.

Can't somebody pop a cap in this ignorant bitch's ass already?
Retroactive abortion is all the rage in the pants-dragging community,

Make it government funded; we have humanitarian missions to
remove dick-toters all the time.

Homophobic, misogynistic, just plain stupid....
Promotes violence against adversaries and anyone he dislikes....
Has a mass following of likewise brain dead chumps of both sexes who
haven't a clue in their vapid cult-minded heads.....

Let's put a stop to this before it goes any further.

Baby Hitler has a microphone, and he for damned sure knows what
to do with it. Talk, talk, talk...even without a damned thing to say.

Here's a clue, Charlie Brown: Swagger don't mean shit if you've been hit.


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