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Saturday, June 9, 2012

That Thar' is Big C'untry Drivin', Y'all!

Look out for Yee-Haw Hee-Haw Junction, everybody!

You-'ins probably related to whoever ya crash into!

In a small country town, the traffic laws are, evidently,
quite different. (I don't know where that's listed, but
everyone seems to know it, so it must be a real thing!)

Yup, it's a little known or stated fact, but here in the thick
of Seminole County, each and every individual driver

Yeah, you'd better watch out, cuz they each own the road.

You're  likely to see a mid-intersection U-Turn in
mid-day traffic, or someone parked in an invented spot,
or a driver plowing down the sidewalk in their ole truck.

Maybe a vehicle parked in about six spaces, or car
idling at the front door of the grocery....
maybe weaving across all lanes while texting in that
sheriff's cruiser.

It's all good.

Take that golf cart across the interstate, drive mopeds on the
highway, play chicken on busy thoroughfares....meh! It's
the country...we don't need no stinking rules! (Until we crash...
then they for damned sure want police and medical to step in!)

"I just loves it! It's so much derned fun to drive in a small
town! Cuz e'rrybody know car accidents here ain't as dangerous
as thems in the Big City!"

What the Hooplah!?!?

Stay away from the meth labs, Farmer Brown and Jo-Jo Le Po';
the fumes have overcome ya.


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