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Friday, June 1, 2012

Perv Alert

The ridiculous old standby for 'educating' kids about potential
molesters; the notion of creepy strangers in vans trying to grab them
off the street.

Not much has changed when it comes to the public's notion
about child molesters. Most still think--and teach their
kids--that the people who will harm their kids have a
certain look and way about them.
"Stranger Danger," and all that.

Meanwhile, in reality, nothing could be further
from the truth.

Most child molesters are from within the immediate
household, within the immediate family, or from
within the immediate innermost circle of friends,
family and neighbors. Trusted folks.
That's their 'in.'

The reason we don't see more of those folks
convicted is that parents, grandparents,
social services, and especially the church rally
behind a wicked notion of keeping families intact
(and therefore not pressing charges, nor getting
counseling for the child) rather than seeing anyone
prosecuted or punished.

Compliance, and cover-up, is big.

So when I see idiots giving me the once-over
simply because I'm gay, I roll my eyes in contempt.
There is still a knee-jerk connection in people's
heads relating sexuality to abusiveness.
Old myths and prejudices die hard.

Sorry; isn't me, never has been, never will be.
But meanwhile the real perpetrators go unchecked.

Even the tactics used to 'combat' child abuse
are focused on finding out where existing
abusers live and avoiding those areas and people.

The focus needs to be on teaching kids how
to spot potential abuse and stave it off from any
source. Because it's likely going to be someone
in a position of authority and influence who seduces
them into being a victim, and furthermore keeping
quiet about it.

Stop blanketing heterosexuals with a Free
Pass of assumed safety and reliability.
Sickness comes in all shapes and sizes, and it will
generally be someone you  don't suspect. A
favorite uncle, a sports coach, a Sunday School
teacher, a day care worker, a grandparent,
a parent, a sibling, etc.

Unpleasant realities to face, but what's more
important? Your sense of comfort, or your child's
actual safety?

In Seminole County, Georgia (Donalsonville,)
you can find a list of convicted sex offenders
hanging at the courthouse, or online at
and I suppose that's useful information,
but it does cause a bit of a false sense of
security, doesn't it?

Doesn't it just seem like those are The People to be
 concerned about, disregarding all the
multitude of uncaught, unprosecuted, unrevealed
child rapists running around this town?

I know for a fact people wanting to keep their
kids safe need to avoid the following places:
The Ford Dealership,
The Lion's Club,
Friendship United Methodist Church,
Mike's Auto Sales,
Alcoholics Anonymous,
Narcotics Anonymous,
the Fire Department (or really, anywhere
you might be likely to see Victor Hornsby,)
and plenty more.

What you get away with tends to be
dependent on who you know,
who you are, and how important
you are to the 'right' people.
Our society excuses and covers for the ills
of the rich what we condemn and shame
in the poor.

Teach your children to use their minds,
to observe everything objectively.
Teach them skepticism and discernment,
and most importantly courage and their
right to protect themselves.

They aren't advanced enough to perceive that
threats can come from anywhere unless
they're taught. Use that as a reason
to educate them, not to keep them
in the dark.


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