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Thursday, May 24, 2012

REALLY !?!?!

Ahhh..the face of sincerity.



That's your genius plan that you--and,

presumably your crack team of analysts who are
the best that money can buy--have come up
with for attempting to appear 'connected' to the
middle and lower class folks you want
to win over?

It's laughably pathetic, but I am heartily
grateful that you evidently have no sense of
reality and how you're tanking your own campaign.

Maybe it's just a matter of your arrogance disallowing
you from hearing or following advice of more
savvy advisers. I hope you're at least dumb
enough to post people around you that share your
ignorance. It'll be a done deal.

So much for Hitler Youth and
Springtime in Paris.

Mitt's plans for a Romney Nation
of fascism run amok is hopefully
still an insanity and cult-laden
pipe dream. But, this is America.

Stay tuned...

(By the way, goofball, using the
misplaced rhetoric of 'civil rights' in regard to
giving a portion of the populace the chance
to receive a superior education is not only
a misuse of the term, but a bastardization
of the concept.)


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