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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Progress, American Style

So, just in case you've been too busy scrounging
for a dollar, and have yet to flip your calendar;
it is in fact 2012.

But you wouldn't know it from the sad state of
the Public Library System in this country.

Here's an in-depth article about the new best-seller,
"Fifty Shades of Grey", and all the controversy it
has sparked. And, since the article was written,
you can add Alabama to the list of states banning the
book. (I give it a week before all the remaining
Southern states follow suit. Oy!)

As usual, the entire notion of bans is abhorrent to me;
if you don't like something, please feel free to refrain
from it. And gladly keep your children from it, too.

But do not presume to keep it from me in an
over-zealous attempt to create a police state,
free from any ideas or images you disagree with.

Likely, these are the same folks who wave their flags
with such conviction and tout how proud they are to
live in a country where they have the freedom...
to deny other people freedoms!

Ah, paradise!



The following is a great resource for listing
many of the more well known book bans, the reasons
behind them, and the history of banning in America.

An informed and well-versed citizenship is an armed citizenship.
I suppose I just answered why people want to control
what we read.


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