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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not-So-Secret Service

Yup..the Secretion Service scandal...
the old Secret Cervix.
Gotta be careful of any group with the initials "S.S."

So here's the deal;
There is no real story here.
Rather, the idea that all of the behavior 'outed' is
anything new under the sun, is a complete fiction.

This is the big leagues; Good Old Boys Network on
a grander scale. Big, tough, macho, Type A personality
dudes doing dangerous, stressful work, and the culture
is one rife with sex, drugs, violence, and instability
as a result. Just like it always has been.

The military, police, secret service agents, spies,
and others--even high profile big guns like sports
super stars and musicians and movie stars--they
get a surreal sense of reality doing what they do.

Guns, long days, pressure; need an outlet.
I'm not excusing it, but it definitely is the prevailing
mentality that the excesses used to unwind are in
fact an acceptable trade-off for the services provided
by these people. That's a cultural excuse;
"Boys will be boys."

And it's a tale as old as time.

The spin is that after such a hard job, the BMOC's
are pent up and need a release....that they deserve
to 'blow off some steam.' It's par for the course.

And there's an entire network of accommodations and
apologists in place to make sure that such regularly
occurring events like drunken orgies and drunk driving
accidents and assaults and prostitution use and
rapes and murders get swept under the rug, all
neat and tidy. (Tail hook scandal? Alan Schlinder murder?
Pat Tillman? Military rapes covered up? Ah hell...just go to

No, the story here is that everyone is pretending
that this is new or news....that it is a political failure
on behalf of the President (hmmm...how convenient!)
and that this is something that only would have happened
on his watch.

Which tells everyone what they need to know
about the timing, the intention, and the level of
attention being focused on this matter.

The big deal here is discovery. Transparency
(well, sort of) in a world normally filled with
control and containment and pay-offs.

I know several politicans and CEOS who have
no problem creating a black eye for the country
and the office, as well as damaging the sense of security
for the President, if the outcome is that their man might
get in come November.

Where's that story in the mainstream media?


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