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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weakly News

The Weak in Review

Nutty Newt bounced a $ 500 check...
but he's still not desperate or unhinged, thank you
 very much!
(Let's hope the plastic surgeon doesn't come
to reclaim any of Wife # 3's work
for nonpayment! Uh oh!)

After fingering a bus boy at the NRA speaking
engagement, Dim-Wit Mitt offered to move his
head over slightly so he could pull a $1,000.00
bill from his ass, which is evidently where he keeps his
small bills, in order to help Newt (since the
Republicans are such brotherly sorts.)

He asked if President Obama was still interested
in making change.....(after mistaking him for the shoe
shine aide--who also fills in for Romney as
a live lawn jockey.)

Santorum quit the race under a very
convenient illness of one of the daughter's
that the milkman actually fathered.
Can we all say "Munchhausen by Proxy?"
I knew we could.

(Ya just couldn't ball up and admit
defeat without putting a fucking
spin on it, could ya, Rickety Dick?)

(Gimme a second to get my composure back.)
Mrs. Romney, still adamantly
opposed to the idea that she's 'really' rich,
was accused of 'never having worked a
day in her life' by commentator Hilary Rosen.

Rosen was then eviscerated by all sides for
'attacking' the institution of motherhood.

If anybody thinks this delusional billionaire
bitch was anything more than socialite
time-filler, or that anything less than a staff
of nannies, maids, tutors and chefs were
running the Book-of-Moron-believing-twits'
lives and wiping dirty asses and whipping
up grilled cheese, then you probably
think the above pictured smile seems natural
and inviting, too.

Be afraid, America...
The Chameleon is on the move.

And finally, speaking of the elite getting away with shit....
it only took almost two months and a non-stop
tsunami of backlash for the first smidgen of
common sense and justice to start appearing in
Sanford, Florida.

Where else but in America would you see a
former judge's son treated with kid gloves
despite a preponderance of evidence as to
the cold-blooded killing of a young man?

George Zimmerman was finally arrested and
charged with the death of Trayvon Martin.
This is only one such cavalier murder in
one such corrupt small town.
We'll see what happens.
I'm not holding my breath.


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