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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sole Survivor

One bad thing about being raised by old people
is that they don't tend to last too long.
None of the folks pictured here--
with the exception of me, of course--
made it past 1990.

Actually, Granddaddy Johnson (the tall one)
was killed in the line of duty within a year or two of
this picture being taken.

Granny Grace (seated) gives a bad first
impression, as well as photo, but it was the pain
making her seem so discontent.
She was in fact an amazing person,
and more compassionate and kind than
anyone I've ever met.

There's a surreal nature to looking at
something from so long ago, to what
was true before a lifetime of changes and
losses. None of those people pictured,
including the little boy, exist any longer.

Dig the pink curtains in my room's window;
I guess some of the handwriting was on
the wall, even back then!


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