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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mommie? Yes. Dearest? meh...Not so much.

So, with all the Republican B.S.-Fest this last week following the
(supposedly) anti-Motherhood comment by commentator Hilary
Rosen, I finally have to add my thoughts.

First of all, the idea that women are--by nature of being women--
upright and beyond reproach, these gentle, nurturing, innocent
lambs, is beyond ridiculous.

So, too, is the advocated notion that women who bear or adopt
or--Christ forbid we forget Miss Bachmann--foster children, are,
by default, pillars of the earth.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let's think for a moment about all the wonderful mothers who
leave their babies in dumpsters or on doorsteps or who sell them
for a fix.

Let's talk about all the parents who keep a kid because it's a means
of getting a government check, child support, church handouts, or
other charity of some kind.

How about drug addicts and alcoholics who have kids and beat the
hell out of them, psychologically abuse them, deprive them, shame
them, expose them to who-knows-what?

What about the child sexual abuse and incest suffered at the hands
of mothers? Kids driven into lakes? Munchaussen by proxy?
Religious abuse? Home schooling?

I know people who have given birth--I call them 'Mothers' too, but it
doesn't have anything to do with childbirth--who are duplicitous;
acting like Mother-of-the-Year in public, charming and fooling every-
one, but who are the nastiest, most obnoxious, abusive, crazy pieces
of work at home with the vulnerable kids.

They use the pretense of caring about their kids to bribe and connive
people to give them money, gifts, and all kinds of assistance, none of
which the kids ever see.

I know law enforcement mothers who are Nazi bitches at home,
accusing their kids of everything and never giving a moment's praise.

I know business owner Moms who are never home and have siblings
raising one another, and kids raising themselves.

I know Mothers who don't even like kids, and every time they see
their kids or grandkids, they make it known.

Being a Mother doesn't prevent someone from being a total bitch.
There's nothing inherently special or praise-worthy about being a
procreator (or otherwise affiliated parent or caregiver.) It's another
one of our insane social illusions we refuse to challenge.

Ann Romney looks like she has about as much nurturing in her as a
baracuda. Let's stop pretending that attacking her is the same as
attacking the entirety of the female population, or the choice of
being a stay-at-home mom.

Let's also stop pretending that attacking the billionaire wife of a

man running for the highest office in this country is the same as
going after the disabled middle-aged woman who is struggling to
handle 3 or 4 kids by herself.

Hey, when they aren't busy defending themselves against so-called
'attacks' from 'haters,' women do a good enough job tearing them-
selves apart.


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