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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Under the Plastic Facade

Every day I am further struck by the awareness that we, the
'outsiders'--the strange, the status questioners, the miffed
and disaffected, the maladapted, the underdogs, the eccentric,
the downtrodden, the struggling--are, in fact, the majority....
not the shadowy minority, as often depicted.

Whether it's Hollywood or the media or politicians or CEOS,
those in charge of formatting the frequencies and controlling
the images seem fixated on having a particular image promoted
and preserved. But that image--of tightly wound, perfectionist,
size 2 women and size 32" waist men, of slick hair and white
faces and affluent lifestyles--none of it is real or representative.

This idea of the (not really) perfect life is a sham.

The idea of an 'ideal' or specific kind of winner is a false notion.
The idea that with money or a group of people backing us we are
'better' than when we follow an unpopular notion.

It avoids the struggle of existence.
It medicates reality.
It white washes the truth.
It ignores the greys and valleys.
It dismisses the normal inconsistency of life.

But it can't undo reality.
All the pretense and all the showboating doesn't change the fact
that we are, all of us, hurt and flailing at times, sad and confused
as a normal turn in the course of a day. Promoting an idea of a
flawless life devoid of these upsets is ingenuine.

This old quickly falling apart mudball we're on is covered with
an assortment of hurting, struggling, divergent, frightened, crazy,
wallowing folks with a variety of ailments, disabilities, secrets,
issues and problems. Our brokenness and disenfranchisement
are our real cohesive bond, and yet we spend time worrying
about all the so-called differences.

But we all have them, and it's far more pervasive than we let on.

I like to spend my time with the folks who aren't afraid to let
their freak flag fly....who let you see behind their armor. I can
tell what's what with them. I don't trust a person who seems 'on'
24/7, smiling and wheeler-dealing, posturing to impress.
Commiserate with me...don't try and consume me.

We're all in this together, and there's only one ending.


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