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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rush to Judgment?

"Crack smoke is a pain to disperse."
"His career  is up in smoke."
"Smoke and mirrors can't improve horseshit."

"Compensate much?"
"Too bad it doesn't kill quickly."
"Proud of all sick habits for far too long."

So, old ridiculous Rush Limbaugh
said something stupid and offensive.

I think the sun came up in the east pretty much
every day last week, too.

The only news here is that people are actually responding
with the acrimony and disgust due this pig.
He's been at this for far too long; it's only
fashionable to show outrage at this moment.

It is not all that amazing, the insipid and
ridiculous things that will fly out of the mouths
of untalented, drug addict, hacks who are on their
fourth marriage...while worrying over the moral center
of everyone else on the planet.

The world is full of Rushes, unfortunately...and they are all
fueled to (lack of) thought and action
by the assertions of the one with the national media outlet.

It wasn't even an accurate or pertinent remark,
which is of course the sort that the talk radio/
Religious Reich/Fox Not-even-close-to-News crowd
is interested in.
It was libelous, insensitive, cruel, invented
baiting to distract from the issue at hand.

(Something Republicans say they don't do or
approve of, but then turn around and allow their lapdogs
 like Rush and other mouthpieces to do on their behalf.)

A big firestorm of sleight-of-hand
has been raised in subsequent days, as Rush apologists
and ungrounded 'journalists' both seek to bring up the
Bill Maher non-controversy of his remarks regarding
Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

Simply put, Palin and Bachmann are public figures
who are seeking to impose their religious extremist views
on the entire populace, and have entire segments of the population
they have targeted for dismissal with their policies.
They have more than opened the door for criticism of any kind;
they are insane, and they are in fact a danger.

No one worries about the heatedness of the rhetoric
leveled against foreign terrorists;
why is there a double standard for how we speak out
against our home-grown, insanity-based terrorists,
who do need to be opposed?

If someone came forward, as a politician or talking head,
and suggested that--just as a for-instance--the Jews
should be put into treatment facilities so that they
could have "The Jew" prayed away, and be made 'whole'
in the eyes of 'God,' as Michelle Bachmann has done
regarding gay men and lesbian women, there would be a
public outcry unlike this country has ever seen.

But because of the public acceptance of maligning and
attacking persons who are homosexual (or perceived homosexual,
or who are questioning, etc.,) people are lackadaisical.
The spirit and the intent is equally horrific and
criminal, but public outrage has not been evidenced.

I do not naively imagine that there are not people
who do feel that way, or worse, regarding the Jews;
to get a small notion of what is going on in our country right
now, and why the antics of loose cannons and
sanitarium escapees like Palin, Limbaugh, and Bachmann
(and all the rest) must be opposed...
in whatever language necessary.

What a joke that the focus is on the verbiage of the
man standing up to the nuts,
and not the policies of the nuts that
prompted the dissent!



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