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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Queer Week in Review

Well, Ricky ("The Ejaculation") Sanitarium's rise in the poles
--er, I mean polls--
as well as his sweeping wins, has destroyed my Faith in
even the worst and stupidest of this country.....

My Family is not invalidated by your weak and misguided
interpretation of it, and likewise yours is not
superior because you believe it to be so...

and the Freedom everybody wants is freedom from
the imposed religion of crack pot closet case assholes such as
yourself, young lady.

Yeah...I think you're done here.

Well, in a week's time, Two-Bitt Romney has changed religions,
his view on everything (three times--not counting changing it
back to the original position,) he's officiated over
the undesired 'conversions' of a dozen corpses,
and he got six blow jobs from unnamed fellow
mid-life crisis putzes in the men's restroom.

Also, a great new joke regarding Romney made the circuits;
He's running for Presidential nominee!

Okay, okay....the new joke is:
"A conservative, a liberal, a moderate, and an undecided walk
in a bar. The bartender says "Hi, Mitt!"

(By the way, there are plenty of excellent works on the
exposing of Mormon's founder Joseph Smith's
extensive con-artistry and charlatanism...
just google it for a chuckle!)

"Boo" to Jon Stewart for his nasty remarks towards
Glitter Bombers. The equal-opportunity lampooner
referred to those hitting the Re-pube-lickin' candidates
for their anti-gay stances as being 'petulant children.'

Although not the most effective campaign, the
non-violent civil disobedience of G-B'ing is intended
to bring note to the violence and prejudice being
promoted and sustained by these powerful, rich,
exceedingly stupid white men who are above the law.

The message here? Cuteness is no longer appreciated.
 Just bring a fucking gun and use it.

Nut Granny-Grinch continues to rake in millions by feeding
off his rhetoric regarding gay marriages' evils and the
Pink Threat posed by us queers. True to form,
his own actual evil deeds are left off the table.

Ah! Who's this strapping young conservative prepster?
The gay Andrew McCarthy? A new Mormon stripper?
Liza Minnelli and Paul Lynde's love child?

Nah! It's Michael Berry! Conservative,
Republican, anti-Muslim, Texas-based (ugh!,) uptight
who is claiming that he has been framed for a hit-and-run
accident in Houston a few weeks back.

Why 'framed,' you ask?
Wait for it.

The hit-and-run, in addition to being illegal,
of course, took place during a drag show....
outside of a gay bar.... in a gay neighborhood.

Now there is video footage from the bar that's been released,
in addition to the eye witnesses, the physical
description, the car being identified,
and the license plate being copied down.
Big surprise; no investigation pending,
no charges filed against the right-winger
with political connections.

Sissy Elton John Update;
still a pussy, still a fraud, still ugly as sin
and threatening to continue aging 'not at all well,'
still megalomaniacal, still hypocritical.
Move on, honey.

So, who's this fetching Queer fella trolling
the man-for-man forums on craigslist and such?
Super out activist? Hustler? Closeted Republican Presidential nominee?

Naw, sillies! It's Sheriff Paul Babeu! The super right-wing,
anti-immigration Arizona sheriff from Pinal County.
(I'm gonna go out on a big, thick limb and assume that's
pronounced 'penal.')
He's pictured here with..oh, come on--you can finish
my sentence for me! You can't make this shit up!
He's pictured here with his Mexican boy-toy,
the barely legal (age) and not-at-all legal immigration
status lover of afore-mentioned dutiful sheriff.

According to reports, after the sheriff was caught
cheating on his boyfriend, they broke up. The sheriff
subsequently threatened to sue, arrest, and deport
the young man--and his brother-- for potentially
causing problems with his future lovers, his position,
and his bid for congress.

(You might know ol' Paul from his appearance on
white-supremacist radio shows (including Fox News,)
 his support of John
McCain with the 'Danged Fence" ad against illegal
immigration, or his conservative tough guy stances in other media!)

(Did I mention that 'Sheriff Seeking Brown Border Boy Love'
is also a Romney campaign co-chair? Well--whoops!--
not anymore, obviously!)

And, finally, THANKFULLY, some positive news
for the week in gay!
Matt Bomer, star of 'White Collar' and the upcoming
"Magic Mike" movie (yum!)
came out this week, via awards show and article
and press release!

Open, proud, cards on the table, living free.
That's all we can do; Thank you, Matt!

Now, until the Re-pube-lickers announce their
mystery last-ditch candidate, I'm outtie!


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