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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hyding in Plain Sight

(Sure you can, since the bitch won't actually answer you!!!)
(the original Dr. Jekyll)

So, Mitt the Twit, once more winning friends and
influencing people, or whatever the polar opposite of that is.

Last week at the 'Lickers Debate, he got all
haughty with John King, who was trying to get a straight
policy answer out of the ever-evasive
(or, bold-faced liar) Mitt's mouth.

He scolded King with the petulant remark,
"You get to ask the questions you want,
I get to give the answers I want."

Uh, only if you're emotionally retarded
and still in the fifth grade. Oh, right.

Needless to say, this complete lack of respect
for the process, the truth, journalism, the
public, straight talk, or 'being clued in' is
nothing new to Mitty. (In fact, he's delivered
that specific smug response before, in response
to other questions he felt he didn't want to answer.)

So it's no surprise that on FoxNews.com, they were
proud and delirious about this little asinine showing,
and in their little poll their viewers have so far voted
Mitty's response as overwhelmingly 'Inspiring,'
as opposed to legit alternate responses such as
'obnoxious,' 'crazy,' or 'scary.'
(I vote for a combo of all three of those last choices.)

A man who wishes to run the entire country,
who thinks he is beyond reproach, who thinks he
can have a secret agenda and not be culpable,
who snubs the most basic of fair questions in lieu
of being mysterious and smug.....only in America
would this kind of psychotic pissing contest be
considered a 'good fit' for the highest office
in the land.

Here, being a complete dick is evidently the
way into the viewers' hearts.


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