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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clear That Debt Up--Solve Multiple Problems

Here's an easy fix to the current economic devastation
in our country which--SHOCKINGLY--has not been
touted by anyone who wishes to remain active in
politics. (Panderers!)


The free ride is over.
No more untaxed bilked millions.
Especially since every one of them uses that money
to run campaigns for religious-based desires and
boycotts and promotion of their 'ideas.'

If they want the fruits of living in the most free country
in the world, pay their way like everyone else.

Quit letting religion get a break while the religious
are complaining about how bad they have it.
(Talk about distortions and lies!)

What they're doing is criminal anyway, and has
nothing to do with enlightenment or promotion of
human rights, so stop the insanity and the abuses.
Stop the preferential treatment.

Let's stop manufacturing a false notion of divinity
by kid-handling and unduly respecting these harmful
and questionable organizations.

If you want a real solution, do a real evaluation.

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