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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Armageddon is Two Men in Love, Evidently

Lots of folks heard their first word about Prop 8 this week.
Reason being, when the Proposition was initially passed
in California, it was to discriminate against gay men
and lesbian women. This week's ruling (by the U.S. Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals) was in favor of we queers' rights
to be treated equally under the law, and therefore
you couldn't have heard a cannon over the uproar of
duplicitous pastors and right wing demagogues!

All the Republican candidate wannabes were livid
and crazed by the news (YES, MORESO THAN USUAL!
Be AFRAID!) citing (irrationally and unfoundedly) that this was
more work of liberal courts. You know; 'Decision I like, good...
decision I don't like, bad!'

At least all the schmucks could stop throwing stones at
one another's insipid lameness and evil long enough to agree
to be unjustifiably afraid of the queers. Ahh, togetherness.

So, the problems with Prop 8, which limited marriage
the institution to a man and a woman, were endless.

First, it was brought to the voters by special interest groups
that were largely funded by out of state churches, notably
the screwy Mormons.
Um...out of state....churches deciding law.....
etc, etc.

Second, the controversial legislation only passed by a slim
52%, showing how divided the state was, and the Proposition
was ruled unconstitutional fairly quickly by a federal judge.
The cry-baby zealots and conservatives appealed the
ruling, which led to the appeals court upholding it
(the decision that was handed down this week.)

Third, in the trials, to attempt to prove
the 'merit' and 'need' (ha ha!)
for banning gay men and lesbian women from
marrying, there was so much misinformation, lies,
and insanity brought forth from the 'religious sorts'
who opposed gays marrying that yet more
problems ensued.

Finally, as if that weren't enough,
the people who testified wanted no part
of their testimony made public, and tried to keep
 transcripts, video, or any talk of the proceedings from being
open! There has been an additional battle to
release these tapes, (which has since been ordered,)
since the method of how all this took place
was so backwards and hateful and unscientific. (Go figure!)

There is still possibility of appeal against the overturning
of Prop 8,
as well as appeal of the video recordings being released.

Oh, and we didn't even get into the psychological
lacking that drives someone to become obsessed with
trying to legislate their limited, inane view of 'morality.'

What exactly are these wing nuts so afraid of?


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