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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Twice the (Lack of) Standards is a Double Standard

It can't be mentioned enough what a tremendous
crock of shit it is that folks like Newt Gingrich
want to pretend to have a moral standard.

What they mean is that they have an idealized
version of what they want to impose on the rest
of us, and they want to continue to live their life
the way they want.

This man, who crusades against the so-called
eroding of "American" values by using racist
rhetoric, condemning gays and lesbians, and
voting against the working class and poor, puts
himself on a pedestal.

The reality is that he made pledges to three
different women to love and cherish forever,
and then lied, cheated, and committed adultery
while promoting himself as a godly and honest
man. (I have no doubts he's indulging in infidelity
in this latest; why would he change a winning

He swore on a Bible that the faith he had
would keep him truthful, and that turned out
to be bogus...many times over. He's a pledge-
breaking, unfaithful, manipulative, hypocritical,
untrustworthy, and out-of-touch troll.

But he wants to control what you and I do
in the privacy of our bedrooms!

yeah, buddy!


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