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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sign of the Times

So, it's the end of the whirled as we know it, and I feel...meh.

This week, Tim LaHaye (of the notorious 'Left Behind" book
series of the envisioned biblically-inspired Armageddon,) has
put his unwavering support behind one Newt Gingrich for the
Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

Evidently, LaHaye wants to ensure that the destruction of
the planet takes place on schedule, after all.

You'd think he'd want to stick around a little longer to rake
in more cash from his propagandist tools!


Little Timmy Tebow, the gayest boy in the world,
decided to sell his pussy for jesus in new fashion this week.

He's the new sex(less) symbol for Jockey.

No, not little people who ride horses; the underwear company.

He's highlighted in a new ad that shows him undressing in the
locker room and then robotically thanking Jockey as he looks
into the camera. The text reads that Jockey supports Tim
"in every way."

Hmmmn...so they're taking a stand in favor of
'reparative' therapy? Sealing off closet doors? Fundamentalist
Christianity? Banning same-sex marriage? Interfering in people's
personal lives? Deciding whether a woman can or can't reproduce?
Good to know.


The new ABC sit-com, "Work It," evidently didn't.
After two episodes, it was cancelled.
The show, the gist of which is two guys unconvincingly
cross-dress to score jobs, may have been killed because
of public protest over poor image of transvestite or
transgender folks, but more likely it was a mercy kill
seeing as it obviously sucked raw eggs.

You can dress a show up with a laugh track, but you
can't transition it to funny without a lotta work.


Mitt Romney finally won something.
I half-expected a Sally Fields-esque speech, but
I guess even his pompous ass isn't screwy enough to
believe anybody actually likes him. I imagine a bunch
of folks in New Hampshire are thinking "Geez...I just
felt sorry for him! Shoulda thought about that a little
harder." Oh well! Personality Plus is moving on....for now.


If you own a sweater vest factory, you know your boy
Rick Santorum has been wagging that tongue (and not just
through the hole in the men's bathroom at the department

He's been on an anti-gay sex slam this past week, like
it's the only thing of concern to this nation. I guess all the
other closet cases are supporting him, equally sad and
pathetic in their self-hate, because he's still in it.

Damn--he's talked more about gay sex in the last
7 days than I have in the last 7 years.


If this is the face of things to come, I'm all for the Apocalypse.
Time to shake the Etch-A-Sketch and start from scratch.
Certainly we can do better.

I dunno, though; if humans are involved, maybe we just
need an Extinction-Level Event. If people are doing the best
they can, or if they are doing what they think is best, maybe
a wipe-out is the best way to go. Cheers!


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