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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If I Lied, I Could Look Good On Paper, Too, Bitch!

I am so Over Mitt (Nit-Wit) Romney, it is not even funny.

If he were just an overbearing and ignorant ass, it'd be one
thing, but his arrogance and his egregious pomposity make
me want to drive up and bitch-slap him in person.

Just got a campaign flier for him in the mail, sent to a mean
old witch who used to live on our property. Y'know...a bitter,
nasty, racist, homophobic, conservative, widowed, bitchy
old woman....the kind loony enough to think Romney looks
good and has character.

So this political mailer touts Rom-Nut as being praised by \
conservative leaders  for his stance on 'Life, Marriage, and
Religious Freedom.' Uh...which stance? You've got a lot of
choices, dumb-asses. Flip-flopping, sorry-ass putz.

The list of less than a dozen nobodies reads like a last-call
in a dark and ugly corner of the candidates-support-group;
presidents of hardcore right-wing nut job groups with three
members, former heads of anti-abortion groups, Catholic
organization officials from specific states, etc. WOW!

It lies about Romney being beside conservatives for four years,
says he took shots to take on politically unpopular 'Christian'
views, etc....Uh, NO...he didn't. He does exactly whatever
is politically expedient at any given moment.

His quote talks about how he wants to be President so he
can be true to HIS faith! Whoa, Nellie! Stop believing
your own press; This is NOT a Christian nation. We don't
need your unholy war spilling any more blood!

Anyway, it's a laugh-riot of how he has been this solid,
staunchly unapologetic conservative Christian and totally
against the "gays and baby-killers and heathens-trying-to-
keep-Baby-Jesus-out-of-the-classroom" for the last 200
years of his immortal lifeless existence, and how he and
his convert have slaughtered the families of five innocent
children and cast spells over them as if they were their own,
blah blah blah.

The problem is, that any supporter of this pair of teeth could
find out what a phony he is in two seconds by viewing his
voting record. They could watch video of him having
conversations when the media wasn't broadcasting and find
out his real personality. (They're all over YouTube.) They
would easily know why he is a dubiously weak link.

But alas, all they can think of is "Get the black guy out
of my White House!" and  "He sure does look and sound
sincere." The Fox-News Illiterati don't much care for facts
and figurin'...just pretty campaign brochures and prettier lies.


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