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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"I Don't THINK So!"

One of the kids at school said that I 'reminded him'
of someone...that I looked familiar.

Later he shouted out that it was because I looked like
Santa Claus. I don't think so.

I put the book down and explained;

a) I am not having anyone sit on me,
b) I am not jovial,
c) I am not getting on any rooftops,
d) I do not look good in red, and
e) they sure as hell weren't getting any free toys!

That seemed to clear the matter up nicely.

But I did tell the Devil Children that 'Madea'
was my Momma, and she taught me everything
she knew.

"Your Momma Miss Mabel?" they queried,

"Yes," I said, with a knowing look.

"Your Momma a man dressed up like a
woman!" yelled one defiant upstart.

I screeched, while lurching forward slightly.

"I'll go get the grits and skillet!" I added,
perhaps unnecessarily.

They were much better after that.

Don't get it twisted.


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