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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Week Of Folly

Here's just a partial smattering of all the Republican Fools & Jesters'
Gay Ramblings for the week!

Marcus Bachmann told the New York Times
his first act as First Lady would be to coordinate
a nationwide anti-gay marriage campaign.
Great to see that respect for separation of
church and state in play, you mincing Pillsbury twat.

Mitt Romney discussed his triple-threat anti-gay marriage
plans with the Boston Herald.
He doesn't have any skills beyond hating on Obama and hating on
gays, but he hopes to connect with millions of other Americans
who share such limited requirements of a leader.

Newt Gingrich tells the Des Moines Register that
"people" choose to be gay just like people choose
to be celibate! (Hint, hint!)
He still has no plans to explain why he chooses to
be a cheating, lying, scamming douche.

Rick Santorum attacks Mitt Romney in most recent
GOP debate in girl-fight over which sissy is the most
homophobic vagina.

A Republic mayor from Southaven, Mississippi, who
(naturally) ran on a conservative 'family values' campaign,
was outed when records showed he used taxpayer money
at a gay adult bookstore. If only we had access to the
spending of all closeted queens.

                                      And of course, "Queen Troll of The Pixie-Suckers"
                                                                   award goes to....
                                                     Little Ricky Perry of Tex-ass!
                                   A new book was published revealing still more about
                                                  the revelations that Rick Perry is secretly gay.
                                             "Head Figure Head: The Search for the Hidden Life
                                                    of Rick Perry" was written by Glen Maxxy,
                                                     a former member of the Texas Legislature.

And in city after city, nation-wide,
the unemployed are still jobless,
the homeless population grows,
hunger and poverty are an epidemic,
abused children are still unprotected,
diseases ravage bodies,
and all the actual evils of the world persist.
Gotta love humanity,
and its totally screwed priorities and ignorance.


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