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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Please...Somebody Notice Me!"

Santorum's introduces new campaign slogan: "A-Duuhhhh!"

So, little Ricky Santorum realized that his idiotic quotes were not being as
readily bandied about as other more attention-grabbing douche-bags
like say Trump, Perry, or Gingrich.

In order to compete, he felt he needed an extra dumb-ass 'oomph' that
would legitimize him in the so-called minds of the scary Republican Reich.

So he comes up with yet another nut-bag anti-gay remark (since those
have been so popular in getting air time for his imbecile counterparts
these past few weeks.)

Honestly, I don't know if he thinks he's fooling anyone into thinking he's
anything more than another closeted self-hating Queer himself, but,
hey, that his pollsters job to predict, not mine.

He says that the reason so much fewer young people are getting
married is due to gay marriage being promoted. Then he linked to an
article in the Huffington Post (via his twit) that spoke to a myriad of
reasons why less young people are getting married, none of them
related in any way to 'allowing' homosexuals to do so.

Ricky, I think what you meant to say, you inarticulate jiz-swiggler,
is that less and less homosexuals like yourself are feeling the need to
hide who they are. As we learn to love ourselves and no longer need
to dupe unsuspecting straight women into faux beard relations,
the need for false-pretense marriage lessens and there are then less
statistical marriages.

So, back to the facts, Jack; if you are concerned about the number
of marriages occurring, then stop fighting marriage equality and the
number of marriages will rise. Because quality, loving same-sex
relationships are not invalidated just because the right to marry is
irrationally denied. And no on else is playing your little shell game.

Your lies and fake 'tough guy' posturing are not worth the price
it takes on your soul, or the lives of others. Move on.


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