Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"Hey, little brown babies....come here. Can I exploit and abuse you?
Do I have your consent? Is that all right? Can't talk?
Doesn't matter; we're doing it regardless! 'kay? Greeeeat!"

(3rd from left; "ehhhhhhhh..something just feels wrong.."
4th from left; "I don't trust the white ones."
Good instincts, kids. Hope you survive to keep them.)

Become a Missionary!
Travel to exotic lands,
tell kids what wrong with their millenia-old
belief system, indoctrinate them as payment
for giving them food and clothing, and exploit
them for personal gain!

Change how people think, speak, and live
so there's no more messy different culture;
only white-washed American Imperialism, under
the illusion of a helping hand!

(Hey, everything has a price, even charity!)

"Let me take that; you don't need that dignity or
independence! Come to me--not Jesus-- if
you want to be educated (and well fed!)"
Oh, those silly savages!

Once you master and own the locals, they'll
be sufficiently reshaped that the pyramid scheme
can be passed on by them and continue unfettered!
Sounds great, right? Riiigghht!


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