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Friday, November 11, 2011

Unhappy Veteran's Day

So, how about we save the flag waving and lip service
this year, and do something Real for all our service vets
that are still living?

I know...radical, right?

Now, some will not want to even acknowledge that
problems exist by discussing them. Personally, I have
no time for people who want to whitewash everything
so they can sleep comfortably at night.

If you care about this country and what it is Supposed to
'stand for,' then you should be outraged at the disrespect
our military veterans face from their own government.

The most horrendous problem currently facing our
vets is their post-service lives.

There is an epidemic of dangerous/risky behavior,
depression, lack of readjustment, and suicide in our
society today for returning vets.

Benefits are insufficient.

Assistance is pitiful, sporadic, and not easily attained.

These men and women need serious attention for
getting reconditioned for civilian living. All that time
and money to prep them for war, and then we just
release them once we've gotten what we need from
them? Doesn't sound very respectful or patriotic.

We need to get proactive with outreach to returning vets.

Psychological assistance should be mandatory and regular.

Further financial assistance and job placement are needed.

Stop the wait lists for depressed vets; provide immediate
and quality counseling.

Provide service and care for these people, not excuses.

It's currently documented that 18 service vets a day are
killing themselves. That's just the ones designated as suicides,
not counting seeming 'accidents' that may be a result of
careful planning. (Also, the military does not 'count' suicides
that don't occur during enlisted time or on mission!)

How do people have the audacity to further exploit service
people for photo ops in public when our policies for treating
them in private is so lacking?

This Veteran's Day, don't just smile and say 'Thanks.'
Make a difference.
Call your senators and congress persons.
Call the WhiteHouse.
Demand changes.

Research the problem. Figure out where you can help.
TALK to your friends and neighbors and family, and
help them to know about this disservice being done
to these citizens.

Talk to your church or community group about
helping directly. Brainstorm; find a solution to
reach out to these men and women.

As part of the training, our service people are taught
not to want anything back, and we need to overcome
that thinking. We have to let them know that
mental difficulties are not a shame or weakness.
That accepting help is okay.

Living well and having what you need is

not a burden, it's a right.

Veterans' Crisis Hotline; 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
(when prompted, press '1' for Vet Services)

To talk to other vets, join the community at;

For more information and contacts, check out;

Stop the cover-up, Eradicate the apathy.

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