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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Promoting World AIDS Awareness Day

I'm posting early since I'll be at the street festival in
Donalsonville most of the day tomorrow
(please come by my booth and say 'Hello' if you're local!)
I will be passing out HIV/AIDS information
to promote World AIDS Day.

It's frightening how backwards and tragically afraid we are in
this country; not simply about disease status and talking
openly, but with anything revolving around sexuality.

Yes, HIV and AIDS are still issues in this world we
live in. Not just "even" in small town America,
but "especially" in small town America
(and in particular the South,) because
the silence surrounding the disease--and
activity surrounding the disease--is so pervasive.

'Not talking about' something that is unpleasant
does NOT make the subject--or the dangers--go away.
I don't care how steeped in tradition that Southern custom is.

One of the myths that needs dispelling is that
people who have already contracted HIV are slated to die.
Not true, as it once was.
There are lots of new drugs and procedures for prolonging
and improving life with HIV, and staving off AIDS.
This is not, however, encouragement to disregard
protection and responsibility in your activities.

Get educated.
Speak up.
Know your status.
Abstain, or have safe sex EVERY time.



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