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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pent Up State

I'll keep it simple; There's no excuse.

Each and every person guilty of perpetrating abuse
against a child needs to be shot.

Those that covered it up allowed for more abuse, as
well as a chance to hide evidence and get counseling
for the survivors. They need to be shot, too.

The President of the University released a short video
(Public Relations) that said it was "one of the saddest
weeks in the history of Penn State."
Hmmn...not any of the weeks out of the last 3 years
where there were indictments and investigations...or the
10 years since the revelations; just this week, when it all
became public. Interesting.

He also stated that "We remain committed to our core
values, and we will rebuild the trust, honor and pride that
have endured for generations." I don't see a lot of core
values evidenced over the last decade of neglect and lies
and collusion. I don't see much call for trust, faith, pride,
or honor.

Raping children gets a lot of angry lip service, and then
nothing happens.
Because kids hold no power or sway.
Because kids are seen as expendable and controllable.
Because talk of the abuse makes people uncomfortable.
Because people have their own issues around it.
Because people know someone who is abusing kids now.

There is no excuse.
And since kids will never have power, and adults will
never get serious about protecting them, those of us
who care have to get serious about this.

These were predators who preyed on children; specifically
sought out wounded, vulnerable, needy kids and took
advantage of that.  Built a world where they were untouchable
and where they had access to kids to victimize and intimidate.

They got away with it for the same reason people always
get away with things; prestige, power, money.  If a scary,
poor, black guy had even been considered to have possibly
touched a child, he'd have been hanging from the nearest
tree thanks to mob mentality. But an esteemed rich white
dude that everybody knows and loves?
Let's overlook him.

And there's the rub; that's how it goes down.

These creeps, these predators, they worm their way into
the trust of places, all smiles and good looks and seemingly
charming and larger than life. They have a plan; get in on
people's good sides so no one will expect or imagine what
they are up to. They seek to win the trust of people --in
institutions, families, churches, organizations--and know
how to manipulate to get what they want.

It wasn't convenient for the folks involved to do anything to
save kids here.

This isn't an isolated incident; there's an epidemic of
domination of kids.

(And now all the jack-wagons wanna tie this bullshit in to
their "War on Homosexuality" by lumping these dudes in
with gay people. Sorry--no go. Nothing to do with each other.
Unless all heterosexuals are guilty of every rape of a woman
or little girl that's ever taken place? No? Didn't think so.
Sexuality and pedophilia are NOT connected, jackasses.
Stop using the victimization of these kids to stoke your
political agenda.)

We destroy our kids by making them compliant and
teaching them to trust authority figures just because
they are authority figures.

Turn the tide; talk the difficult talk with your kids or your
nieces or your grand kids; teach them to not accept abuse
from anyone. Teach them to fight back. Let them the know
the truth about the world we live in.

It's better to have that conversation before their innocence
is assaulted, not after.


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