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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mitt Romney (rightfully) heckled

(mnnnrrr mnnrrr mnrrr! The sun...it burns!)

Jeezus Louise-us, Wilma.

Mitt Romney heckled at the Iowa State Fair after
announcing (with no irony) the assertion that
"Corporations are people, too!"

Well, Mitt the plastic man, maybe if a corporation
is a person, you should go screw one.

Oh wait...you already have; you're in bed with
big business and that's why your silly ass is still

You go whichEVAH way the fugging wind blows,
and scratch any back that will scratch yours.

If the Anti-Christ were to have a hand in this
next election...oh whoopsies! There I go again!
He already does; ANY of the Republican nominees

have demons and devils written all over them.
And behind them. And in them.

The more things change....

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