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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Bitch-Slap

I'm not a masochist. I just want to point that out before starting.

It annoys the shit out of me to see all the attention paid to a

I'm from Florida; I know they're scary and devastating and
not to be taken lightly. I'm also not a cad, and I know that those
estimated 35 or so people killed were real people. I don't
begrudge attention paid to them.

What I am against is the storm of sensationalism that everyone
gets caught up in.

This isn't a Movie of The Week. (Jesus; do they still even
have those anymore? Or Hallmark Presentations? Or After-
School Specials? anyways....) No one is going to be brought
closer together by the loss of power, or being trapped in a small
room, or by going without a signal for their phone. If anything,
all that togetherness may lead to more fatalities.

No, it's the same old circus. Zero attention to the continuing
pandemic of HIV spread and all the most vulnerable communities
being hit. (Here's a hint; it's more than 35 people being devastated
by Hurricane HIV, even as I sit here and type this.)

What about hunger? Damned idiot church people are hung
up on bringing more babies into the world trying to outlaw
abortion, and meanwhile not doing diddly to feed and care
for what we have. (Relevance; People DIE every day...in America,
from starvation, hunger, malnutrition, and eating tainted foods and
water. Oh yeah bitches...this shit is for real.)

But no coverage around the clock until Hurricane Hunger passes.

It's all great fun to run around the country getting wet and
standing around waiting for lightning to strike, but where's the beef?
When are our 'journalists' going to get serious about the real threats
to this country.

Being regular doesn't make danger less dangerous.

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