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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fanatical Unctuous Conniving Kooks Enticing Republican Suckers

I thought Fascism had maybe hit a lull. Oh, Robert...

The Culture Wars continue. All of these tired old crooks are
plowing through the Presidential nominee campaigning with
frighteningly barbaric and ignorant rhetoric.

-They incite people to be hateful and short-sighted.
-They stir up the anxieties of the people.
-They use barely concealed race-baiting.
-They disrespect and undermine the office of the Presidency.
-They promote misinformation.
-They lie, manipulate, and con.
-Their passionate hate for gays is obsessive and troubling.

These clowns are a disgrace to our nation. They are just
thugs who want power and will pay off (or get paid off by)
whomever necessary to get it.

They pretend they are morally superior, and toss around
this whole "God-and-country" angle to catch the sheep
in their snare. They want to legislate morality and religion,
and aren't even interested in trying to hide that fact!

You know who wants to control what other people do and
think and say? Fanatical, unbalanced, tightly wound nut-jobs.
(Who want to work on you because they're so afraid of
what's going on with them!)

It's 1936 Nazi Germany, ladies and gentlemen, and it's
taking place here in America. This is how 'simply' it starts.
This is how it insidiously worms its way in.

We should be afraid, we should get aware,
and we should stop buying the bullshit.

These are dangerous times with a fragile economy and
a lot of scared and angry people; that's a bad combination,
and I don't appreciate these carpet-bagging FUCKERS
taking advantage of people so they can try and shove their
agenda down our throats.

They want to Tear us all apart so they can get what they
selfishly desire.

We're better than this; please, please prove to me that
this is still true.

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