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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Circus is in Town

Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute, and I counted
at least 8 minutes worth on the TV screen last night!

Thanks to a conservative local business owner, I was able to view
the Faux News pile-up while sitting in air-conditioned comfort at
a fast food restaurant.

First, let's address the elephant NOT in the room; the shameful
inadmission of Fred Karger, another Republican presidential candidate.
We can have Black Republicans and Women Republicans as long
as they're bat shit crazy or stiff enough to screw Minnie Pearl, but
evidently Queer Republicans is still "oh-so-next-century." gag.

Ron Paul tore up some serious ass, as per usual, and showed the
rest of the clowns how it's done (both with moxy and stance.)

Bachmann disappeared for a while; no one noticed since she left
a wooden dummy with a helium-filled balloon attached in her place.
She then answered a question regarding whether or not her
'submissiveness' to her husband (which she has talked of before)
would play a part if she were President. She side-stepped by saying
that she had a good marriage (if closeted beards and repressed
psycho-sexual rage is your bag,) and that, in an alternate reality if
she were to win the nomination, she would still wear the strap-on.

The Obama-bashing was fierce. Our President needed spiritual
forces to keep him safe last night; the demonizing was in full swing.
Did you know that our current President was responsible for all
wars, the deficit problems, state rights being eroded, a series of rapes
on the upper West side, and most acne? I think someone slipped in
global warming too, but I was so awash from all his other crimes I
may have missed it.

When Bush-League was in his stolen office, no one DARED to
disrespect the man because, you know, cowards and opportunists
go with the flow. It's open season on "O" though, and all the lackeys
are puffing out their peacock chests like they're bad mamma-jammers.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Romney was Romney, which is to say he looked as pretty as he could
and so did his ever changing answers.

Santorum tried to out-pretty him, and for a mo' I thought they might
do a Glee-inspired mash-up of a Babs song and talk of their struggles
to be so very 'real' in this plastic, plastic world. Or maybe they could have
aired their off-camera kiss.

Santorum tried to appeal for anti-Iran sentiment by--hold on to your
valuables, sweet ones--talking about how the Iranians are horrible to
gay people! Wow. Just...wow...the pair on him. (Well, when he's in a
Fox News crowd of paid-attendee Republican supporters and fellow
ne'er-do-wells.) And of course, the 'Anti-Iran" tangents were--with the
exception of Paul--really just "Obama's bad international policy is making
us vulnerable! NRA unite!"

Gingrich; Still alive? Still telling others how to be morally correct
whilst profiteering and living foul? Oh wait....that's what the Reich lives

Huntsman; Billionaire's son. Out of touch; again, business as usual.

Herman Bain; sounds like "McCain"...because if you close their eyes,
you can't tell there's a diff. Another "Business owners know how to run
a country" moron.

Pawlenty. Yawn.

Ron Paul really is the best of what there is here. There is no way he will ever
win any Republican ticket because he is smart, progressive, realistic on
foreign policy, truthful, moral, and direct. Too bad, really.

The Big Cheese Perry, and his Uber-headcheese, Moose Mess, were
around the way/in the way...trying to steal thunder as usual. They'll
have it...deception rules.

Unless Li'l Jeb Bush throws into it by January. Hmmnnnn.....

That might qualify this as Three Ring.

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