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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bachmann Debacle redux: "Losing It"

Yeah. The great thing about the Fair is...you can always chow down on
the stuff you cain't get at home.

Silly bitch.

In case you missed it, Michele and Marcus Bachmann and 2 blonde
bimbo aides basically gay-bashed Don Lemon (openly gay anchor
on CNN) at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday.

Marcus has all the typical rage against his fellow brethren who are
courageous enough to live their lives openly. It's not speculation;
the attack was all caught on tape and witnessed and Lemon
reported on it live shortly thereafter.

Do these people have mirrors in their home? Do they realize how
out of control and obvious they are? How long is this charade going
to continue?

Damn I bet that sausage tasted good. That bitch look hungrier than
a Muth'.

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