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Friday, July 22, 2011

Donalsonville News Feedback

(Let's see if we can't change this dynamic.)

So the Donalsonville News is under new ownership/management,
and has been calling for feedback on how to improve the overall

I took some time to make a civil and deliberate plea for what
changes I would like to see made, and sent it in. In the spirit of
reconciliation and advancement. Or some such.

Just for shits and giggles, I'm including a copy here since I
am not in highest hopes of seeing any of these items addressed
or changed. But we shall see.

Hard as it is, I try and keep hope alive.

the one who knows very little


July 20, 2011

To the attention of Mr. Dan Ponder, Mr. David Maxwell, and
Mr. Bo McLeod, I submit the following:

1. Please be a leader in our community, and make the paper an
integrated--not segregated-- part of this community where all citizens
are treated equally. Keep the contents of "Ebony News" without
providing them a separate section. All people are equal.

2. There is a diverse and rich community to choose from in these parts,
and there are many different stories to be told. Repeatedly, however,
we seem to see the same people and the same kind of people featured
in the paper. Some suggestions?

   + Have a Community Profile column spotlighting people who are not
farmers, church people, or friends of the newspaper staff (yes, there are
many of us!)

   + Have stories on the entire community, not just the parts the staff agrees
with; Stories about the NAACP, other points of view on political stories,
 information/dialogue about important matters like STDs and teen pregnancy,
     These matters impact people in the area whether the paper addresses
them or not. It would be nice to make the paper modern and deal with all
aspects of life, not merely the safe and comfy 'small town paper lite' take.

   + Give some space in the editorials to someone besides Charles
Musgrove. I think we've heard what he has to say.

   + Get some new blood for columnists, artists, and other contributions
to the paper. There is a lot of talent in this area, with no place to shine.

3. The political and religious views of the paper are felt on every page,
as much by omission as what's included. If the intent is to include the entire
community, then the fact that there are many of us overlooked in the paper
needs to be addressed.

4. Please bring back "What's Happening Around Lake Seminole"/
”Son of Seminole”

5. Please don't disrespect our President, though you disagree with him.
If there are policy issues to be debated, kindly debate them. Any discord can
be handled without the disrespect used in the past.

6. An expanded Community Calendar, incorporating the various support
group meetings and all events, would be useful, including the food bank
events that the churches offer. In addition, an ongoing guide to community
resources and contact info would be wonderful. I continue to speak to
people who don't know about the food bank, the library, and other useful

Thanks for being open to the feedback. I look forward to seeing what
changes are incorporated.

I like the following quote I once heard, though I don't know the original source;
"A town in a happening of sorts."
That's a very good summary. Just like the greater nation, a town is a collection
of all its bits and pieces, all the ingredients of its melting pot coming together
to make a unique concoction.

In peace,

Robert Sayre II
Georgia Unity


To make your own contribution to the paper's request for feedback,
e-mail them at opinions@donalsonvillenews.com or visit them on facebook

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