Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Try saying that five times fast! It's a mouthful.

Here's the thing;


Yes, it was wrong, and the lie to cover it was wrong.

Many wrong things happen every day.

Let's look at what's really going on here.

Republicans lovvvvvvvve a good sex scandal....so long
as it is happeening to someone else.

When it comes to stained dresses and weenie shots, the
Republican conservatives, the right wingers, the 'moral
majority' (snort! ha...that still gets a laugh!), the uptight,
the Puritanical, the holier than thou, the duplicitous, and
the sex-crazed--all of which are generally the same people--
get their panties in a wad.

Notice, will you, that there was not the media coverage
nor right-wing talking head insanity over any of the closeted
Republican politicians actually found to be sleeping with or
cavorting with young boys in recent years.

Notice, there is no concern, either, over the lies that the
Republican politicians tell regarding Weapons of Mass
Destruction, deficit spending, numbers of people slain,
defense contract spending, reasons for war, when the
hijackers were known, true events of 9-11, and much
much more. Those things are trivial and of NO concern.

Or, at least they are small when placed next to a crotch
shot of an elected official.

The pretense of moral outrage and disgust is ludicrous,
at best. Corrrupt and intentionally demonizing at worst.
The people lambasting Weiner and his 'lack of family values'
are people themselves engaging in secret porn fantasies,
affairs, children out of marraige, etc.

Didn't Palin try and convince her unwed teen daughter to
abort her unborn child in order to save her political career?

Didn't McCain have an affair on his ill wife and leave her

Didn't Newt Gingrich have multiple affairs and marriages--
that we know about?

Don't all these people have the same human hang-ups and
are simply glad someone else got caught?

But none of those people had 'news' made out of it; it was
suggested to be in poor taste to bring up their personal
business. Why the accepted double standard?

Extramarital stuff is personal, it isn't news beyond the fact
that he lied about it, and the distraction from real issues is
vexing to say the least. The abundance of news coverage
only proves that not only are American hung up on and
obsessed with sex (Hmmm--just like the problem Weiner
himself seems to have and is being eviscerated for!) but that
the news is still completely lopsided and imbalanced with
extreme prejudice in favor of conservatives, and not just
on Faux News.

There's an elephant in the room, and it isn't an elected
official's junk shot. Grow up, get over it, speak to what's
legit, and move on.


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