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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Big Surprise

Guess who the number one photo is when you do a google
search for 'dumb broad?'  Ahhh, you got it in one!

Yeah, the official "Beast Whose Name Shall Not Grace
My Lips" is stilllllllll out there. Winner of the "Can't Get Enough
Attention"/Media Saturation/Overexposure Award is running
those never-ending flapping gums of hers.

All those poor girls and women out there, so starved for a
role model, and this is what they have to put up with? Yeesh.

"Espy" scares me...she scares me bad. Why? Not because
she's smart enough to be dangerous. Heavens No! But she is
as stupid as a dead frog, and this country is filled with other
people stupid as dead frogs, and in their monumental stupidity,
they want someone who is 'like' them and doesn't intimidate
them. NOT someone who knows what they're doing.

So there is a possibility that a complete nimrod whose only
claim to fame is media-whoring and an abysmal half-term
as elected official could end up in a great position of power.

Celebrityhood is all it takes, and when goofballs are making the
calls.....Remember Arnold?

Personally,  I'd like to see Kathy Griffin and Julianne Moore
beat the living snot out of her at a debate, and watch the moron
flee in disgrace. I'm also not opposed to a horrible automobile
accident taking care of business.

"Hasta la vista, bimbo."

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