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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More of the Same: StoresOnline

Went to a 'free' seminar last night, mostly out of
boredom and just for shits and giggles. I knew
what to expect from the Promises of the brochure
and the "we'll help you make money," but there
was the draw of getting out of the house and grabbing
an MP3 player for my troubles.

StoresOnline hosted what turned out to be a big
commercial for their product, and the 'lures' they
used to convince people to join were VErrrrrrrry


* Condemnation: "If you don't do this, it means
you're unmotivated and not in control of your life."

* Inferred dependence: "You can't do this without
us. You Need us."

* Shaming: "Some of you are only here fopr the free
stuff and aren't interested in hard work."

* Authoritarian stance. "You need someone to tell
you what to do and how to do it."

* Trying the good cop routine (just in case):
 "We really want to be your friend. Won't you help
 us do that?"

* Making you feel a 'part' of something: "We" and
calling people by name and yukking it up...working
the room. Conning folks.

* Blame the victim: "The only way this doesn't work
is if you don't do it right."

* Misdirection/Common Sense: "Joining us is like
inviting money into your home! Don't you want to
be smart?"

* Misdirection, false guarantees, threats, derrogatory
remarks, etc.


Anyway, I get it; they're in business to make money,
and this is how they do it. Not a great pitch, at all,
but they were playing on the gullibility and economic
hardships of a bunch of retirees, unemployed folks,

This guy was a real hard ass, rude, had a real nasty
tone and was very much a snake. I had trouble
believing anyone would fall for the spiel. But he kept
at it with "Some of you weren't smart enough to come
prepared to pay for this" and "Gee, aren't we swell
for hosting this and giving you a free meal?" alternated
with "I guess some of you just came for the free stuff"
and the idea that the company would decide which folks
were 'worthy' of being 'accepted' into the company!

Any time that a company trying to get your business
has to tell you that there is a lot of heat against them
for fraud, admits that you can basically do everything
they're selling on your own, and badgers you to get
you to join.....Be Afraid.

And, anytime you deal with narcisissts and con men;
GENERALLY IS. Nobody is looking to help you.

Nobody is out to give you something for nothing.

What caught my ear is how similar the techniques
between a business and a church or a cult or a
government all are. They are, after all, essentially in
the same game; They are trying to sell you something,
and selling it to you is all that matters to them. There is
no morality, there is not shame, there is no worry over
legalities or harms or inappropriateness. Bottom line
rules. As always.

It was extremely refreshing to see, hear, and feel all
of this from a detached and insightful view, no longer a
naive and myopic accepting stance. The head guy had a
sort of "Biff Jones, former jock and current Bad-Ass"
aesthetic he strived for in his presentation, kind of halfway
balancing between 'high spirited sonuvagun" and major

The rest of the folks were good at what they were there
for; being friendly and keeping everybody chatted up and
feeling good. The extremely gracious and beautiful young
Logan represented a very kindly and relaxed position as
he helped me with my questions. If I had money to burn,
I might would have signed up just for the chance to spend
some more time talking with him. And such is the design.

Anyway; Grab hold of you, by hook or by crook, reel
you in. Use that neediness to be connected. Be the lacking
parent so many are searching for. Shame them or challenge
them into action. Insult them into belonging.

Or just show them the hot guy from Utah with glassy sea
green eyes and a firm ass. Whatever fills the seats.

Maybe they should just put Logan's picture on the ads.
Speed things up a bit. I'd drive to any seminar he was at!
Ahh, the power of an alluring young man who's a predator...
and good at it!

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