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Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World?

Well, I didn't see anybody flying through the sky on my  way to town
this morning, and I'm still here, and most of Donalsonville is still here.
But, realistically, none of that is a good gauge of whether the Rapture
occurred or not!

One way or the other, I tell you true, it may just be the end of the
damned world.

Everywhere I go the last 48 hours there has been nothing BUT
angst, conflict, crazy, aggression and weirdness. I haven't checked
the moon, but something's definitely up!

Three different people got banned for life from my job yesterday
for showing their ass in public.

Folks were fighting--knocking each other down and cussing--at the
Food Bank this morning.

People bumping and banging into me...three and four times.
It's a miracle I'm not in jail right now.

Everybody's interfering and controlling and sassing and meddling
and...JESUS! Doesn't anybody have a life of their own?

Do we have to hold a committee meeting for whether the frog
in the window cil should be moved or can we just move it? Does
every single person need so desperately to be noticed that they
need to run their mouth in regards to everything?

I can manage people needing to run the show, but stay out of MY
show. It is definitely not in your jurisdiction. Manage yourself!
I got mine. And if I don't, it's my sodding problem.

I don't want the conflict and I am keeping my mouth shut and my
head down, but I am running out of places and people to meet
with! What is the deal!!?

Just let things be. Relax. Quit fussing. Quit sticking your nose in.
Let everything be all right just as it is. Back up out my space and
let it flow. Leave your nastiness at home. There's only one chief
needed per event. Chill the hell out.

As a friend said a while back: "Everything would be just fine if
everyone would act right and do what they're supposed to."

But shit! They not only don't know what they're doing, they want
to spread it around! mmmnnn! Ego, ego, and more ego.
Get over it! Screw you and the horse you only think you rode
in on!

I'm working through it...holding fast to peace and harmony....
trying to just survive the chaos energy that has a hold of everyone's
brain....but I would sure love for something to work out well right
about now! Come on with it!

Okay...break time's over. Back in the trenches.
Grin and bear it...tomorrow's another day. And this one isn't
gonna own me either.

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