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Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Shook Up

Once an established connection is severed, separation is a
greater onus than before.

Perspective is a hard thing to attain or maintain in a crisis.
But our truth is always more than we can see in a moment.

Having a head and a heart full of words and yet being
unable to get past pleasantries feels like torture.

Going through the motions and not feeling inspired or
hopeful is drudgery. We imagine that lost comfort won't
be regained.

But holding out for magic potions is disingenuous.
Looking for an external to save us is delusion.

Everything dies; everything. The new wears off, the
illusion fades, the pattern grows familiar.

Then we find ourselves facing the same demons we
had so easily cast aside before in an attempt to
embrace some excitement and freshness.....a 'last
chance' rush of energy and youth.

Do we settle in or keep 'trading up?'

We can fool ourselves into thinking that a solution is
absolute, that our obligations are imagined, that our
circumstances are more black-and-white than they
are....but in the end, clarity trumps emotion.

The clock is ticking, but only on our limited thinking.

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